The dawn of a new inspiration

Where there is shadow there must be light.

Haruky Murakami


The story
of a project

Albedo (from the Latin albus, white) is the fraction of light reflected by an object or by a surface with respect to that which affects it.


Our history & Mission

Albedo also refers to the dawn, the beginning of a new day, a new story, a new brand, born in 2016 from a project by two established managers in the furniture industry, passionate, visionary and courageous entrepreneurs who believe in the Italian ability to interpret the wide taste of an educated, sensitive and design-lover international audience.


Albedo proposal begins with a collection of very different furniture pieces, designed for home living spaces, where forms, functions and textural finishes interact well together and allow to furnish with an eclectic style of strong personality, a never evanescent or fashionable furniture, but deliberately imbued with executive preciosity inspired by traditional craftsmanship, long lasting and simultaneously nomad; objects that remain and coexist with places, cultures and always evolving lifestyles.

Every home is an expression of its inhabitants personality, expresses its history, memories, passions, culture; Albedo enters in this world quietly, humbly, respectfully, but with the strength of a determined and not contaminated design, just not to override existing styles, but interacting with them and adding value in a set of intimate personality.


Carlo Cumini

Carlo Cumini


He was born in Gemona del Friuli (UD) in 1953 where he still works professionally. After his studies, he began working in the family business as a person in charge of the design and sale of home furnishings. From 1979 to 1984 he designs individual pieces of furniture that become serial for the Cumini company since 1985 and for Horm since its foundation in 1989. In 1993 he begins to approach outdoor furniture and participates in the creation of some products of the “garden of stone ”for“ Il Laboratorio del Marmo ”. For several years he has collaborated with Albedo where he brings his research and experience in furniture design.

Jorge Pensi

Jorge Pensi


Jorge Pensi design studio was born in 1984 in the gothic quarter of barcelona, specializing in the design of furniture and lighting, communication and set-ups.

Subsequently the studio becomes an international reference point for contemporary design. The studio’s design projects, with their minimalist and expressive character, have won numerous awards and recognitions. Some of the first products, such as the toledo chair or the regina lamp, are icons of spanish design.

M.A. Design

M.A. Design

Studio Design

M.A. Design is a studio of young designers who work in teams and in close contact with upholstery professionals to create functional design and furniture items characterized by a clean and versatile aesthetic, with particular attention to materials and absolute solidity of construction.

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