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the sunrise of a new design

A new great inspiration at the horizon

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The history of a Project

Where there is shadow there must be light.

Haruky Murakami




Albedo (from Latin albus, white) is the
ratio of the light reflected by an object
or a surface to that received by it.

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the sunrise of a new design

Albedo also refers to the dawn,
the beginning of a new day, a new
story, a new brand, born in 2016
from a project by two established
managers in the furniture industry,
passionate, visionary and courageous
entrepreneurs who believe in the Italian
ability to interpret the wide taste of an
educated, sensitive and design-lover
international audience.

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the dark side of the moon

This effect of light and shadows,
black and white, surfaces carved in
a play of light and dark inspired the
designer Carlo Cumini to create a
collection of furnishings characterized
by a strong personality and unique,
democratic, perceptible design,
intentionally oriented to enhance the
forms and the exclusively handcrafted
production discending from a culture
and a craftsmanship that historically
belongs to the Made in Italy.

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Albedo proposal begins with a collection of
very different furniture pieces, designed for home living spaces,
where forms, functions and textural finishes interact well together
and allow to furnish with an eclectic style of strong personality,
a never evanescent or fashionable furniture, but deliberately
imbued with executive preciosity inspired by traditional
craftsmanship, long lasting and simultaneously nomad; objects
that remain and coexist with places, cultures and
always evolving lifestyles.

Every home is an expression of its
inhabitants personality, expresses its
history, memories, passions, culture;
Albedo enters in this world quietly,
humbly, respectfully, but with the
strength of a determined and not
contaminated design, just not to
override existing styles, but interacting
with them and adding value in a set of
intimate personality.

Albedo Company Profile


Albedo quality is guaranteed by the
exquisite craftsmanship of precious
materials used; wood, metal, leather,
fabric, glass, selected and shaped by
Italian craftsmen with whom we work
to ensure our customers the assurance
of Italian quality and the flexibility to
create custom finishes on customers
and interior designers request.